How to search & find anything in your mind

Think of mymind as your own personal search engine. Search for anything you can remember (a keyword, a color, a tag, title, file type, an object or description, etc.), using natural language, and you'll instantly find it.

Watch this video to see how to search your mind:

You can also use shortcuts to refine your search results:

  • Press ENTER after a keyword to create a deep search: SHOE *Enter* RED
  • Search for objects inside images: object: CAR
  • Search for text within images or inside notes: text: CAR
  • Search by card type: ARTICLES, WEBSITES, NOTES, SNIPPETS
  • Search files by format: format: PDF
  • Search by date: YESTERDAY,  LAST WEEK, MAY 19TH
  • Exclude something from the search results: SHOE *Enter* -RED
  • To find an exact match (text or text in images): “SHOES”
  • Filter results by a specific website: site: YOUTUBE
  • Filter results by a specific tag: tag: NAMEOFTAG

Use a combination of keywords, hitting enter after each, to make it a "Deep Search."

For example:

Search "shoes" hit enter and add "blue." Now you'll only see the blue shoes you've saved to your  mind.

Or search "notes" hit enter and add "this week" to see only the notes you've saved this week.

Search "images" hit enter and add "couches" to see only the couch images you've saved to your mind.

Get more deep search tips in this video:

To save frequent searches, turn it into as Space.

A Space turns your search or Deep Search into a collection you can return to with a click and browse visually.

You can learn how Spaces work in this guide.

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