What type of things can I save?

mymind supports a wide range of file formats, links and other type of digital content. Every bookmark type has its own visual, nothing is treated the same way. Here are all type of thigs you can save to your mind:


If your highlight or note has quotes it will be automatically converted into a quote card. Read this guide to know more about saving quotes with mymind.


Save any image with PNG or JPG format, you can also save images from web by right-clicking.


Any link from an online store will be automatically be converted into a product card with visible price tag.


Your notes will be saved as cards with text, so you can easily read your thoughts. Read this guide to know more about writing notes with mymind.


Saved tweet links will have a tweet preview.

Web Clippings

Texts you highlight and save from the internet will be styled in a unique way. Read this guide to know more about saving highlights with mymind.


Documents with PDF format can be saved and viewed through mymind.


Every web link you save will have a screenshot from that page.


Save your favorite video clips (up to 500mb in size) directly to your mind on the Mastermind plan. You can then also watch them with native minimalistic player.


Properties also have their own card style, with visible price, bedroom and bathroom count.


Hex codes that saved as notes will automatically be converted into color palettes. Read this guide to know more about saving highlights with mymind.


When saving a link with some book mymind will automatically create a nice visual with the book cover and more information like rating and book description for the expanded view.

Movies and Series

Links of TV Series and Movies will be converted into a unique cards. In expanded view you will be able too see information like rating, description and length


GitHub links have unique card style


Any Wikipedia links have their own style

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