Using the notes features in mymind

The mymind notes feature is inspired by the common sticky note. It's intentionally simple so you can jot down quick notes or ideas on the fly without getting distracted by formatting or excessive features. But if you want to dive deeper with more room to write and focus, you can. We think of the three different note views as 3 different writing mindsets.

Adding a quick note

On desktop in Everything view, hit N on your keyboard to activate the note space. Type your note, then save it by hitting CTRL  + ENTER. To add quick styles like a todo list, bolding or italics, just highlight the text and  select the style option. Markdown shortcuts are also supported within quick notes, to save you time.

You can easily find your note later by searching any keyword you remember within it.

Expanded note view

Click into saved note to expand the card for more writing space. 

Focus Mode

If you're writing a longer draft or article, try going into Focus Mode. To enter Focus mode on desktop, his COMMAND + F or click the colorful sphere in the top right corner of your note to expand it. You can then have a clean,  distraction-free place to write to your mind’s content. No clutter. Minimal UI. No feature overload. Pure zen.

Watch this video

Watch the video for more tips on using mymind as a notes app:

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