Does mymind support markdown?

Yes! You can use markdown shortcuts to save time while writing a Note in your mind.

We currently support these markdown shortcuts:

Full-block commands

  • [ ] with a space between and followed by a space to create an uncompleted todo
  • [x] followed by a space to create a completed todo
  • ``` followed by a space to create a code block

Inline commands

  • Wrap words between ` and ` for inline code
  • Wrap words between ** and ** or type CMD + B to make them bold
  • Wrap words between * and * or _ and _ (or type CMD + I) to make them italic
  • Wrap words between ~~ and ~~ to make them strikethrough
  • Wrap text between  == and == to make it highlighted
  • # followed by a space to create a title
  • ## followed by a space to create a subtitle
  • ### to create a secondary subtitle
These commands will automatically translate to styled elements as you type them into the editor.

If you forget the markdown, you can find it in the bottom left corner of "focus mode".

In an upcoming release, we will extend this list to support a larger set of markdown shortcuts. 

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