Does mymind support markdown?

Yes! You can use markdown shortcuts to save time while writing a Note in your mind.

We currently support these markdown shortcuts:

Full-block commands

  • [ ] with a space between and followed by a space to create an uncompleted todo
  • [x] followed by a space to create an completed todo
  • ``` followed by a space to create a code block

Inline commands

  • Wrap words between ` and ` for inline code
  • Wrap words between ** and ** or type CMD + B to make them bold
  • Wrap words between * and * or _ and _ (or type CMD + I) to make them italic
  • Wrap words between ~~ and ~~ to make them strikethrough
  • Wrap text between  == and == to make it highlighted
  • # followed by a space to create a title
  • ## followed by a space to create a subtitle
These commands will automatically translate to styled elements as you type them into the editor.
In an upcoming release, we will extend this list to support a larger set of markdown shortcuts. 

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