Why do private links expire?

Our entire vision around mymind is the privacy around it. Every tool these days is social. And only few places (if any) are for your eyes only. We hope that mymind is that place for you, just for yourself, and nobody else.

We wrote more about our "Private First" vision right here.

But we know sometimes, there is this one little thing in your mind. A private note, a screenshot or quote that inspires you. But you don't want to share it forever, and you don't want to keep track of which items you shared or didn't share inside your mind. 

This is why we introduced our temporary, private share-links. Once activated, they're active for 24 hours. After, they're automatically private again. You never have to worry who has access to your mind. It's private by default and only individual items can be shared, temporarily.

To learn how to create a private sharelink, read this guide.

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