Can I move my Apple subscription over to mymind?

Yes, you can move your account from Apple to mymind. This gives us more control to help you with account issues or questions – otherwise, everything is managed directly through Apple. This also means Apple won't take 30% of your subscription for themselves, which helps us out too (:

Here's how to move your subscription without losing content:

  1. Cancel your subscription via Apple
  2. Wait for subscription to end via Apple (important!)
  3. The day after your subscription ends, go here on desktop to pick a new plan
  4. Your subscription now lives with mymind ♡

Important: You must wait until your subscription runs out on Apple before signing up again via mymind. Do NOT worry about any suspension messages you receive from us – you will NOT lose any data or your account while following these steps. We will keep your account/content safe for plenty of time, and give you plenty of notice before permanently deleting anything.

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