Why was I charged a higher/different price for my membership on Apple?

If you purchased your subscription through the Apple in-app purchase system, we technically do not control your subscription. Any cancellations or refund issues will sadly need to be resolved through Apple support.

Pricing may differ for mymind on the Apple store

Prices may differ with Apple compared to the mymind website, because Apple calculates taxes and pricing differently on the Apple store.

You can move your account from Apple to mymind

If you decide you'd rather manage your membership with mymind (which gives us more control to help you), you can move your account over. Here's how:

  1. Cancel your subscription via Apple
  2. Wait for subscription to end via Apple
  3. The day after your subscription ends, go here on desktop to pick a new plan
  4. Your subscription now lives with mymind!

Important: You must wait until your subscription runs out on Apple before signing up again via mymind. Do NOT worry about any suspension messages you receive from us – you will NOT lose any data or your account while following these steps. We will keep your account/content safe for plenty of time, and give you plenty of notice before permanently deleting anything.

If you need help or clarification, always reach out to us at help@mymind.com

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