Tips for using Smart Spaces

Here's how to get the most out of Spaces in mymind:

To create a Space around a phrase, wrap the phrase in quotation marks. For example:

  • A space based on the search personal brand will contain all cards related to the word personal OR brand.
  • A spaced based on the search "personal brand" will contain ONLY cards containing that phrase.

To create a Space around a specific hashtag, add # in front of your search. For example:

A spaced based on the search dream house will contain all cards related to the words dream OR house.

A spaced based on the search #dreamhouse will contain ONLY the cards with that tag.

Turn your Deep Searches into a space by searching one term, then hitting enter and adding another term to refine it. For example:

  • Search articles + this week to make a space for all the articles you saved this week.
  • Search images + couch to make a Space for all the photos of couches you've saved.
  • Search todos + #done to make a Space for all the todo cards you've tagged done.

Common troubleshooting questions:

Q: The "Save as Smart Space" button isn't appearing. How do I save my space?

A: Since Spaces are created around your search terms, you need to search something in your mind to make the button appear. Be sure you're hitting enter after typing in your search.

Q: Why is My Space showing irrelevant cards?

A: Depending on your search term, mymind may be deeming the card relevant based on a keyword or other metadata.

If you're trying to make a space from your tag, make sure you have the # in front of your search term to make it a tag search. A search for branding project will include all cards related to the keywords branding OR project. A search for #brandingproject will refine your search to ONLY include cards containing that tag.

You can also refine your search by putting it within quotes. For example, "Brain waves" will show you ONLY cards containing that phrase, rather than cards containing brain OR waves.

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