Rediscover and reinforce your memory with Serendipity

Serendipity allows you to take a moment to browse your saved thoughts, ideas and inspiration in mymind. Discover forgotten gems, remove clutter and experience serendipity within a simple, 2-minute experience.

NOTE:  This feature works best if you already have a good amount of cards save to your mind. If you're just getting started with mymind, try it out a little later once you've saved more.

To start, click ' Serendipity' in the top right corner of your mymind browser app or click this

Then simply choose to keep or discard each item that resurfaces from your mind. If the card is no longer relevant or  important to you, discard it. If it is, keep it where you can easily find it again later in your mind. You can expand a card within this experience to add new notes or tags.

Recovering cards you discarded

If you accidentally discard an item you actually want to keep, just search "Trash" and hit enter in your mind. You can then click any cards to restore them. Cards in your Trash will be kept for 30 days  before they are permanently deleted.

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