How to save something to mymind on mobile

The mymind mobile app. allows you to save anything from your phone on the go, without leaving the screen or opening the mymind app.

First, make sure you've installed the mymind iOS or Android app.

Saving from iOS

Now use the standard share function to share the website, article, video, image, text highlight, social post (or anything else) to your mind.

Saving from Android

On Android, hit the [...] icon in the browser bar and tap on share. Then select the mymind app in the share panel.

Saving highlights on mobile

The same works with text highlights. Just highlight the text, then press the share button and select my mind.

Adding tags or Mind Notes on mobile

You can also tag or add contextual notes to your saved items right from the share panel. In the overlay that appears after saving an item, click "Add Tags" or double tap to add a note.

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