Does mymind index entire websites and articles?

Does mymind save the entire text from articles and websites so I can use a full text search?

We currently do not index the entire text of websites saved to your mind. There are two reasons for it in case you are curious:

1. Performance: Eventually your search will become too slow, because we'd index millions and millions of words and text from websites and articles. Often the majority of words on a website aren't really that relevant to the content or article.

2. Accuracy: Your search will eventually, over time become inaccurate as so much content will be saved without being properly analyzed.

But we have a solution for it! (and we hope to get even better at it)

Right now, websites and articles saved to your mind will be analyzed by our system. We essentially take all the content, and then we try to find "key phrases" within, which are words or phrases which we identity as important. Key phrases are usually names, locations or general concepts that are the core of the article/website, something which you may remember and search for to find a specific website or article again. In the process, we try to strip out every other word that might not be relevant to index (Filler words like: this, that, me, our, by, with etc.) to make sure our search stays fast and accurate.

Below is an example so you can see how it works:

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