Why does mymind not have a free plan?

We do not have a free plan and there are a couple reasons for it:

1. There are no real free products. If a product is free, you're most likely paying with your privacy and your data. We do not do these kind of things which is why we're keeping things simple: We provide a service to you, and you pay us for this service. In return, we not only provide you with a service/product, but we also promise to never share or sell or data and value your privacy, the way it should be.

2. We're an independent company. We're self funded and we do NOT run on investment money.  In order to pay our staff and for infrastructure, we have to charge for our services, otherwise we would be out of business pretty quickly.

3. We believe that software should be paid, either way. Free never means really free and it also means that you're not really valuing our product. By charging a fair price for our services we not only stay in business, but we also know that we're doing something that is worth paying for.

We appreciate your understanding and we hope to build a product worth paying for.

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