Little Mind vs. Mastermind

We currently have two plans. The Little (extended) Mind, and the Mastermind. They're both great, but there are some differences which we like to explain below.

But please do know one thing: With mymind, there are NO advertisements. There is also NO data collected on you that we can or want to sell to anyone. It is 100% private and we care about your privacy. We cannot mention this enough, because it is one of the reasons many of our members choose to support mymind.

Let's look at some of the features:

[BOTH PLANS] Capturing notes
Both plans support the capturing of basic notes. These notes can be formatted with standard markup.

[BOTH PLANS] Intelligent Bookmarks
If you're using mymind only for bookmarks, it's already worth it just for that. Mymind automatically categorizes your bookmarks. It knows if it's an article and shows a little summary. If it's a product, it shows the product picture with the price. If it's a design-y marketing page, it will take a full page screenshot. If it's a video, it will automatically embed it for you. If it is a tweet... you get the idea. Give it a try yourself.

[BOTH PLANS] Text Clippings or Highlights
Text clippings are essentially highlights you can save either straight from your browser or your mobile phone. Just highlight the paragraph or quote you like to save and send them to your mind. Your new mind will make sure they look slightly different to a regular note, and if it's a quote, it looks like one as well.


This is where mymind really makes a difference. It not only affects the automatic tagging, but also all the things you can more easily surface through the search. There is a lot of magic happening in the background.

Basic AI will categorize your images based on the objects it can see within an image (for example a car) but it won't show you the car brand or the car model for example, that's something the Advanced AI will do. The advanced AI might also be able to tell you who the artist of a painting is, where as the Basic AI will only identify it as a painting.

In addition, our MASTERMIND has better categorization features, better image recognition and therefore can be much more accurate when it comes to searching your mind. In the future, MASTERMIND will also receive greater AI capabilities for articles and website bookmarks you save (for example, automatically generated article summaries)

Which plan is best for you? You decide how much worth is your mind to you and how much you're planning on using it. We personally think it is definitely worth the MASTERMIND and this will also be the plan we will focus on the most.

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