How can I save Instagram images?

There are currently a few ways to save images from Instagram into your mind:

Saving Instagram posts on Desktop

Make sure to download our latest browser extension.

Then right-click the little orange (+) icon in the top right of your browser to "Enable Instagram Integration." Now you can simply hover an Instagram post or video you'd like to save and click the "Save to my mind" button to save it to your mind.

Saving Instagram posts on mobile

Click the Send icon (the paper plane) under the post in Instagram, then share it to the mymind app.

You can also screenshot and crop the image, then share it to your mind like you would share anything else. Then the post will exist as an image in your mind.

Troubleshooting: "My post isn't saving correctly"

Instagram/Facebook recently changed its policies, which sometimes means posts will be blocked from saving to mymind. This results in an error message or screenshot of the Instagram login page in your mind. If you encounter this problem, try saving the post again or screenshotting it. Unfortunately this is out of our control as Instagram can be tricky with these things. We hope it will change in the future. 

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