What files do you support?

We currently support every common image format (JPG, PNG, etc) including PDF files which you can upload either straight from your computer or save via our Browser Extension.

Why do you not support videos?

Videos are currently not supported because of two reasons. First, we haven't figured out exactly yet on how to make them work with our automatic AI tagging. Videos are an entirely different beast compared to everything else. And second, we wouldn't be able to provide our services at such a low price if we would offer video uploads right now. You can of course always bookmark a YouTube or Vimeo video, but sadly you can't upload it right now. Unless we introduce larger payment plans, we're currently not planning to add video support (we don't want to become another file storage

Why do you not support more document formats?

Documents are hard, mostly because there are so many and all of them have different formats. But we can promise you, extending our support for documents is something o our roadmap we hope to implement eventually.

Are there any file size limits?

Our current plans are designed to be fair and not get in the way. To make sure we are able to keep our product at our current prices, we've established storage limits for the usage of mymind.com.

With our BASIC plan (Little Mind), the file size limit is 15MB per file. The total storage is 100GB. The BASIC plan does not support bulk uploads for files.

Our PRO plan (Mastermind) doubles the upload limit per file to 30MB and the total storage of your mind to 200GB. Bulk uploads are supported.

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