Can I export?

Yes, you can export your mind and transfer all the files you saved in your mind to your computer's hard drive. 

We understand how important it is to have control over your data and be able to export it whenever you need to. You have complete peace of mind knowing that you're not locked into our system and can export your data at any time.


1. The export function currently only works with the latest versions of Chrome or Microsoft Edge. This is because we're using latest webkit technology that allows us to save files from mymind straight to your computer. Without it the export would be significantly harder to do for larger minds.

2. We do *not* support an import function right now. If you decide to close your account after exporting, please be aware that you're not able to import again in case you're creating a new mymind account in the future. You can read more about our thoughts on import features here.

What's included in my export?

After you've selected a folder, we will save each individual file (images, PDFs) you saved in your mind to your local folder you select. In addition we're saving a file called "cards.csv" which is a common export file for text based content. This CSV contains all your notes, quotes, bookmark links and text highlights.

How to export?

To export your data, go to your Account page by clicking in the cog in the left corner of your mind. Then click "Export my mind" in the bottom right corner of the page. After that choose a folder for export and follow the instructions on the screen.

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