How to get the mymind iOS and Android app?

mymind is supported across all major devices and browsers to help you save and find what you need from anywhere.

Our current apps:

→ Install the iOS app here
→ Install the Android app here
→ Install the MacOS app here

How to use mymind on iPad

We sadly do not have a specific iPad app right now. However, you can install the iOS app on your iPad and use it to save items to your mind via the native share panel (just like you do on iOS). To browse your mind, we recommend logging in via your browser ( which should work nicely on your iPad. We do plan to release a fully native iPad app in the future.

Do you have a Windows app?

For now, we don't have a standalone windows application. In the meantime, there is a little trick you can do:

Create your own “MacApp” shortcut for mymind with Chrome:
1. Go to in Chrome
2. Click the three vertical dots ⠇ (top right)
3. Click More Tools > Create Shortcut.
Makes sure to ☑️ the box “Open in Window”
That’s it! Until we have an official Windows app, this should feel pretty close to one.

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