My website bookmarks don't display the way they should.

Our Smart Bookmarking tools always try to find the best way to display a website you bookmark in your mind. Your mind does this automatically to make sure you can easily find things later, as visually as possible. There's a complex system of AI and rules to make this happen, but due to the ever-evolving nature of AI, it may not always work perfectly. 

If you do not see nice card preview of your bookmark, it might be because the website you're trying to bookmark is blocking our service. It's nothing personal, they just do this because they don't know us. They do it with everyone else too.

If this happens, please write us an email to with the URL you bookmarked so we can look into this.

Why some sites save with thumbnail and other with a screenshot

If you save the link to a product, article, video, film/TV series, book, Wikipedia page or GitHub page, they will be visible with their own special thumbnail and unique experience in expanded view. All other URLS are saved with screenshot. We choose to show a screenshot vs. a thumbnail, as most websites use the same universal thumbnail for every page on their site. Showing a screenshot of the page makes it easier to identify the site and preserves/archives the page contents as it was when you saved it.

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